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Belfast and Northern Ireland

26 student photos that perfectly capture the beauty of Northern Ireland

Wondering what there is to do in your downtime while you're a student at Queen's? Take a leaf out of these students' books and take in the epic countryscapes, beaches and mountains right on the doorstep of Belfast.


1. Casually hang at a clifftop

cliff top


2. Follow in the footsteps of giants 

Marissa causeway

3. Make a splash

Causeway waves

4. Take an epic road trip

road trip

5. Watch the sunrise...


6. ...And set



7. Visit the famous Kingsroad

dark hedges


8. Take a dip in the ocean

ocean dip


9. Test your nerve on a rope bridge

rope bridge 


10. See the city lights

 city hall

11. Feel a little foxy



12. Take an epic selfie



13. Look out towards Scotland


14. Get up-close with wildlife



15. Explore castles on the coast

castles coast



16. Take in the green landscape...

green landscape


17. ...Which looks even more dramatic from the air



18. See the famous cranes



19. Go rock climbing

rock climbing


20. Bring your best Insta-pose to a geological wonder

ultimate insta 


21. Be charmed by a fishing village

fishing village

22. Or try and catch your own

fish use

23. Feel epic

red head

24. Like, really epic



25. Take in ancient ruins

ancient ruins

26. See where the sky meets the sea

sky and sea


Pictures courtesy of Queen's students: @amymundye@mariajohnstonx, @marissapicc@tmrsv_, @_sarahtyler_, @chwbrown, @daaniellarxo, @ldredhead, @inesxsc, @juliemorrow, @karontoetsi, @richcomingfromyou, @valerishkavoff, and Hung Phung via Facebook

For more fab pictures of students loving life at Queen's, search #LoveQUB on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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