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Belfast and Northern Ireland

QUIZ: Are you a Titanorak or a Thronie?

Belfast’s film industry is thriving with every major production crew from 'Line of Duty' to 'The Fall' coming to Northern Ireland, but which TV tribe do you belong to?

Game of thrones

1. Which of the following phrases are you most likely to use?

A)     “Winter is coming”

B)       “What would Stella do?”

C)      “Draw me like one of your French girls”

D)     “I’m only interested in catching bent coppers

2. Which of these would you use to warm up? 

A)     A fur cape

B)      A balaclava

C)      A life jacket

D)     An inflammatory accusation from an officer one rank your senior‌

3. Complete this sentence. Love is…

A)     Forbidden passion which inevitably ends in a blood bath.

B)      Printing your crush’s mugshot on a t-shirt.

C)      Drowning so your other half can hog the whole door.

D)     Insisting on calling your other half ‘fella’ or ‘darlin'

red wedding 

Nice day for a red wedding?/Games of Thrones @HBO

4. Which of these quotes would you put on an inspirational meme?

A) “The brave men did not kill the dragons, the brave men rode them.”

B) “My first degree? I have hundreds.”

C) “Life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it.”

D) “Now we’re sucking diesel.”


5. What is your favourite way to communicate?

A) Sending ravens

B) Scrawling cryptic Biblical quotes on £20 notes.

C) By SOS distress telegram.

D) Swapping secrets in a graffiti underpass.


Bank note

Not as cheap and easy as email/The Fall @BBC

Your scores: 

Mostly As:

 You’re a Thronie:


You are obsessed with all things Game of Thrones; you should check out the Dark Hedges (or Kings Road to the people of Westeros), along with Castle Ward (aka Winterfell) and Murlough Bay in County Antrim (aka Stormlands).

Dark hedges

@Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Mostly Bs

 You’re a Fall Guy/Girl:

You’re hooked on The Fall, so check out The Merchant Hotel, DSI Stella Gibson’s hotel residence, or the Waterfront Hall (the exterior of which served as the police headquarters in the BBC series).

The merchant

@Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Mostly Cs

 You’re a Titanorak:

You’re fascinated by the doomed liner, so you should make Titanic Belfast your first port of call, where you can explore the sights, sounds, smells and stories of Titanic.


 @Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Mostly Ds

 You’re Duty Bound:

You binge-watched Line of Duty, so should check out the BBC series’ Belfast filming locations including Central Library (which served as police HQ). 

Central library

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