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Living in Lockdown: How it worked for me

Xin Yi found staying in Queen's BT1 city centre accommodation during lockdown fully-supported, worry-free and the perfect place for clearing your head.

Because her exams were close, Xin Yi wasn't keen on going home for lockdown. She found support from her friends and Queen's accommodation vital to staying healthy and happy.

It's the little things that really touched us 

"I'm really grateful for the support from Queen's accommodation. Being far away from home, International students need more support. During lockdown, We got free meals and during Easter, we had food delivered – I think we had turkey! Things like this made me feel I wasn't alone."

"Plus, you don't have to worry about electricity and water bills, it really is hassle-free and leaves you free from everyday worries."

"I also took walks with my flatmates and the area around Queen's is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Plus, as a Law student, sometimes you really need to clear you head!"

Xin Yi Heah, LLB Law