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Things to do to keep yourself engaged during lockdown

It is really hard to pass your time if you have no upcoming deadlines and want to enjoy this lockdown while safely staying home.

Cacti, cake and coffee

Here are few things I have been doing to keep myself engaged and entertained during this lockdown period:

1. Watching movies/ TV series :

  • Shutter Island (must watch)
  • Catch me if you can
  • The wolf of wall street (Yes, a big time Leonardo DiCaprio fan! )
  • You (TV Series)
  • Friends (For the 100th time ;P)
  • Forest Gump
  • Spirited away (For anime lovers)
  • Grave of the fireflies (Another anime)
  • Dark (For someone who likes thriller)
  • The parasite and more.

Sinead blog Netflix

Binge watching is my favourite time pass in a boring day when I don’t have anything important to do. During this lockdown, after finishing all my assignments, I decided to take a break from working too hard and giving myself time to watch good movies and series I have missed. A little free time hurts nobody so here’s a list of some good movies/ TV shows I have been watching in this lockdown which are my absolute favourite

2. Cooking food:

I am a big time foodie and I get really excited if I can make something good on my own rather than spending hefty amount of money ordering food online. I enjoy watching You Tube videos and making different recipes I have always wanted to try. Trust me it is really enthusing to do and there are many pros to it like:

  • Being able to learn making amazing food
  • Getting to eat whatever you make and
  • Saving money!


See how great it is! I take pictures of everything I make and it make me feel proud of myself. You should also give it a try.

3. Start your own YouTube channel or Instagram page:

Like I mentioned how I love learning to cook and trying out new recipes from YouTube, I actually started my own food blog page in Instagram called “spicetsunami”. If you don’t like working too hard on food, you can always start your own page of things you love to do. Some of my friends who love programming have started their own tutorial channel too. It is a really good way to enjoy your lockdown while being productive!

Instagram account page

P.S. If you already have started some page of your own, do let me know so I can follow you! Here’s the link if you want to check out my new page:

4. Engage yourself in social media:

Social media has also been really helpful during this lockdown to many people. Specially the international students who haven’t been able to go back home. Engaging yourself in social media and interacting with friends and family can really help you feel less lonely during times like this. I call home almost every day and trust me I spend a good 2-3 hours talking to them and it surely feels great. I know many friends who have started using TikTok, personally I am not a big fan, but it seems interesting. If TikTok is not your cup of tea then I would suggest playing online games and having video dinner dates with your loved ones which is a great way to feel accompanied!

5. Gardening

I live in Queen’s Accommodation at Willow Walk with my two other flatmates. We don’t have a place to plant flowers so we decided to get a pot and try plantation. We even got flowers and have been constantly taking care of those. The presence of those flower pots has made the entire living place look happy and lively. If you are a plan lover like us, you should try it too.

Here is a picture of our little effort to bring the small part of outside, inside.

Plants on a window sill

Photo: Sneha Parajuli, Nepal
Sneha Parajuli, Nepal
MSc Business Analytics