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How to ace your Queen’s Medicine interview

Patrick tells us about his Medicine interview at Queen's and gives his top tips on how you can ace yours.

Hi, I'm Patrick and I'm a second-year medical student here at Queen’s.

Interviews can be intimidating, but they are an important part of the application process to study Medicine at Queen’s. Around this time a few years ago, I was getting ready for my own interview at Queen’s. Here are my tips for how to ace your interview. 

1. Show who you are beyond school grades

Think of the interview as a real-life extension of your personal statement. It’s your chance to show who you are beyond your school grades. You should think about what makes you stand out as an individual before the interview.

You might find a good place to start is to list out all your achievements, hobbies and volunteering experiences on paper. You’ve probably achieved more than you realise. Once you’re done, look at what you’ve written and choose some experiences that you feel reflect some of your skills and qualities that would make you a good doctor.

I found it helpful to answer some practice questions out loud. Initially, I found it tough to put my thoughts, experiences and skills together in a fluent answer. Learning how to articulate your thoughts is a skill that you can master with practice – mastering it will help you make the most of your interview

2. Tell them why you want to study at Queen’s

Even though you’ve already chosen Queen’s as one of your UCAS options, the interview is an important chance to share why you feel the university and course is the right choice for you. It could even help you clarify why you want to study Medicine at Queen’s.

Make sure you take a look at the university’s Medicine curriculum. Talk about which aspects of the course and the university most excite you, this will both show that you are prepared and enthusiastic about Queen’s.

3. Start your day right

Try and get a good night’s sleep before the day of the interview and eat a healthy breakfast to help you stay focused. And stay calm if you can - you’ve earned your interview and it is your chance to shine.

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4. Make it YOUR interview

You may have read about the pillars of medical ethics and the duties of a doctor but, chances are, you won’t be the only student who has done this. Make yourself stand out.

Ask yourself how your qualities and experiences specifically relate to a particular situation or question. You may have developed a relevant skill when volunteering or participating in a sport. Interviews aren’t just about answering questions correctly, they provide you with your chance to show what you can bring to medical school and the qualities and skills you have developed.

Remember that your unique experiences and qualities will help to differentiate you from the other candidates. Try your best to sell the best version of yourself at interview.

5. Remember that interviews are an opportunity to perform well

Queen’s Medicine interviews follow a multiple mini interview format. This means each examiner you speak to provides you with a fresh start. If you feel an interview didn't go the way you wanted, take a deep breath and try again in the next station.

It is important to realise that your interviewers want you to do well. They are there to get to know you and will understand that you might be nervous. They want to give you the opportunity to perform well – after all, one day they might be teaching you.

6. Try to forget about your interview once it’s done

Interviews are daunting and it can be hard to know how you have done when they finish. Once it has finished, just remember that the hard work is done.

Try not to worry about the interview once it is over – you’ll find out how you did soon enough. Try to relax and move on.

Finally, I just want to wish you the best of luck with you interviews and your applications. You have earned your place at interview - now is your chance to show who you are and why Queen's would be lucky to have you!

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