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Hello Sunshine! Things to do in the Sun

Ciara's put together a list of ideas on what to do in and around Belfast now that it’s warming up! There's something for every budget!

Belfast City Hall Flower installation spelling Belfast

Take a walk around campus and appreciate the beautiful scenery

Budget: Free!

As soon as it warms up by a few degrees in this country, everyone wants to get out and about in their summer clothes! While it may be too cold to do this yet, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a walk around campus and its surrounding areas.

Magnolia in the quad
Magnolia tree in the Quad at Queen's

The 19th-century architecture of the Lanyon Building is something to be marvelled at, both inside and outside.

Then, situated next to the McClay library is the Botanic Gardens, a popular spot for sunny days. The Botanic Gardens are well-kept and beautiful. The gardens house both a Tropical Ravine and a Palm House that are free to visitors and open 7 days a week.

Paul House
Palm House in Botanic Gardens

They are a perfect chance to unwind after class, or for a relaxing Sunday stroll with a cup of coffee.

Take part in Yoga in Victoria Square

Budget: £

Have you ever wanted to try yoga while under a huge glass dome in the heart of Belfast? Quite niche, but there is actually a yoga company that offers this! Located in the Victoria Square viewing dome, this yoga class (Yoga in the Dome) costs £11.11 (perhaps a reference to angel numbers?!).

Student with a yoga mat taking a selfie
Me with my yoga mat on the way to class

You don’t have to bring your own mat as one can be provided, and afterwards, the attendees are treated to a free tea or coffee in the nearby coffee shop Ground Espresso. Getting to do yoga while the sun shone through the glass dome was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Dome at Victoria Square
The dome during the yoga class 

I am definitely not a yoga expert but they welcome anyone with any level of skill!

Take a day trip to Derry/Londonderry or Dublin

Budget: ££

Both situated about 2 hours outside of Belfast by train, Derry and Dublin are great places to visit for a day trip (or a longer trip if money permits!). I have visited these places multiple times since moving to Belfast, for both day trips and overnight stays, and there is always something new to discover every time.

The train from Belfast to Derry can be taken from Great Victoria Street station (next to the Europa station) for as little as £15.80 return during off-peak times. The train from Belfast to Dublin Connolly Station can be taken from Lanyon Place Station (near St George’s Market) for about €17.

Walking up a hill in Derry
Don't forget your walking boots for Derry

It is easy to keep yourself busy in both Derry and Dublin by just walking around and taking in the scenery and architecture. My favourite thing to visit in Derry is the Derry Girls mural as I am a huge fan of the show. It is located near a shopping area and so places to eat are easily accessible. But be aware, Derry is extremely hilly so make sure to wear your walking shoes!

Derry Girls Mural
Derry Girls mural

Dublin not only has some amazing architecture, but also some beautiful green areas. One of these is St Stephen’s Green, which is located in the city centre, meaning there are plenty of shops nearby for window shopping and plenty of restaurants for eating.

Custom House Dublin
Custom House, Dublin

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Ciara Ashley

BA Anthropolgy | Undergraduate Student | Liverpool, UK

I’m a 19-year-old from Liverpool who decided to pursue her degree in Belfast due to its rich history. I am an anthropology student and so I am interested in all aspects of human life. In my free time I love to listen to music, take part in the university-organised trips, and go clubbing on student nights.

Ciara Ashley