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Vibrant Society Life in QUB even during the lockdown

Malaysian Law Student Yi Kang Choo, provides a student's perspective as a Malaysian Student Society NI (MSSNI) member.

Choo and Sijin sitting on a bench outside Botanic Gardens

Like many students out there (especially incoming/prospective students), I was worried at the start of this academic year that we may not have any events with our clubs and societies due to the pandemic. Aside from our studies, being involved in clubs and societies plays a massive role in students' lives. Fortunately, the Students’ Union and Clubs and Societies at Queen’s did not disappoint us, and there have been so many innovative, fun and "safe-to-attend" events across the academic year!

Here are some of the memorable ones I have attended as part of the Malaysian Students' Society of Northern Ireland (MSSNI), and even some upcoming events that everyone (including prospective students) can join.

1. Culture Night

We all gathered virtually on Microsoft Teams and showcased each of our unique cultures based on the region that we come from in Malaysia. Some of the members even cooked one of their local dishes and taught us their recipe too.

Culture night poster

2. Trivia Night and Back to Uni Game Night

We enjoyed a virtual quiz night on various topics, including general knowledge about Malaysia and some questions on our nation’s unique culture, with the added bonus that there were prizes in the form of e-vouchers to be won! We also collaborated with students from UCD to have some virtual games together. These were really fun occasions, and we were all able to make new friends too, despite not being to meet with each other physically.

Trivia night poster

3. Buddy Scheme

As the prospect of meeting someone new, or even a senior in my course, in person is quite difficult at the minute, I am fortunate to participate in MSSNI's buddy scheme where we are paired up with a few seniors and friends. We get to meet up virtually and catch up with each other from time to time.

Buddy scheme poster

4. Virtual Campaigns

Aside from normal social events, several virtual campaigns were also organised by the society that all members can join. I participated in MSSNI's inaugural #HowAreYouReally campaign to raise awareness about students' mental health, especially during these challenging times. It is interesting to see how easily we can utilise social media to advocate for some positive ideas and be part of a student society's movement.

 Mental health campaign poster

5. Careers Webinar

A student society is also the perfect place to upskill. I am looking forward to joining a Careers Webinar organised by MSSNI in collaboration with SKY and MASSOC where we will be able to hear from alumni and individuals who are currently working in various sectors, including consulting, finance and law.

Lu on a phone in front of a careers poster

6. Virtual Malaysian Night

Lastly, this is an event that I am super looking forward to, and it is open to everyone (including non-QUB students) to join. MSSNI is organising a charitable Malaysian Night where members will showcase their creativity and passion through the performance of a play. Malaysian food will also be delivered to your doorsteps if you are based in Belfast. It will be held on the 6th of March 2021, and anyone can join the event and experience the vibrant student and society.

Fuju poster

That's all from me for now! I think the gist of this is to let everyone know that even though things are a bit different from what we usually expect when joining clubs and societies, rest assured that everything remains lively (and safe) at Queens's. If you are not yet part of any clubs and societies, why not try to join one today and maybe you could have a whole new university experience while studying at QUB!

Photo: Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law
Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law