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Student Life

Real Student Experience: Coming back to Queen’s

What would student life be like? No one knew what to expect. Here's how some of our students found it.

Coming back to Queen’s after lockdown, despite understandable anxieties, was a chance to interact again. Whether in halls, private accommodation or the parks and spaces of Belfast, life goes on. There was even a surprise birthday :)

“I felt like I was surrounded by love, even though we were not able to hug.”
– Ana Catinca Ciuculete, MB Medicine. 

"I was excited to come back to Queen’s and get amongst the other students."
– Brian McAteer, (BA Film Studies and Production)

“I was excited to get out of my own house – I’m sure many people can relate to that”
– Alice Poole, BSc Architecture Student.

Queen's Blogging Team