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Why Choose Queen’s

24 pics that will reassure you if you’re worried about making friends at Queen’s

From the like-minded folk on your course to the fun-loving peeps you’ll encounter in our clubs and societies, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make friends at Queen’s. Just let these student pictures inspire your #squadgoals

24 pics that will reassure you

1. When your squad are just as obsessed with Glee as you are.



2. When you all love taking photos, but aren't so keen on having your photo taken.

photography club

3. When you and your bestie make it to the top.


4. When the whole crew have practised your poses but you can't stop laughing.


5. When your passion for Quidditch is equivalent to Muggles' passion for football



6. When you all have your own take on a star jump.

star jump


7. When you all love pelting each other with balls.



8. When you know just how to tilt the camera to fit the whole squad in the selfie.



9. When your bestie is just as much of a Thronie as you #GOT.

Game of thrones




10. When your group 'lightning Bolt' pose is on point


11. When your selfie stick skills capture the whole crew and the view.

selfie stick


12. When all you need for the perfect afternoon is each other and a great view.

cross legged 


13. When you know your squad are there to support you.



14. When you decide to make baseball caps your thing.

baseball caps


15. When the pre-drinks is the best part of the night.




16. When you meet for a walk in the park and you're all co-ordinated.



17. When your cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

cheeks hurt


18. When you can find the fun in any situation.



19. When your joint fancy dress game is strong.

fancy dress


20. When you can crack out your Piglet bib and your crew don't judge.




21. When you love quizzing so you always have one finger on a buzzer. 


22. When you get the gang together for a fireside chat.


23. When you can rely on your Dentistry classmates to put a smile on your face. 


24. When your squad dresses to match your pooch.





Pictures courtesy of Queen's students: @annamontg, @aoifemarken, @matthew_magoo14, @_sarahtyler_ , @Oliviacain, @carolinespliid, @court_gallagher, @elenamb96, @meabhym, @sdaly526, @valerishkavoff, and Sinead Kearny, Carolyn McClements, Hung Phung, Kylie Mau, Megan Norris, Mujtaba Khalid, Quynh Nga, Ryan McLaughlin, Aisling Kerr and Sophia Burns, via Facebook

For more fab pictures of students loving life at Queen's, search #LoveQUB on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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