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Why Choose Queen’s

Why this picture got Queen’s alumni feeling so nostalgic

‘Thank you for being so perfect’ - Instagram users’ reaction to our throwback pic will give you all the feels.

When we recently shared a picture of the Victorian Lynn building from the 1960s on Instagram, countless alumni got in touch, recalling their fondest memories from their student days.

On our handle @qubBelfast, we asked our followers ‘What do you miss most about your time at Queen’s?’

Former Queen’s student @nawaf.k.alharthi wrote this moving tribute, “Thank you for being so perfect. For being exactly what I needed. For teaching me so much -- both about the world and about myself. I will forever hold you near and dear to my heart.missing MBC, Class , I had an wonderful time , was difficult but We DID IT .”

Some of our favourite responses came from alumni now living and working abroad who were nostalgic for their student city. Instagram user @arantxagarciaantolin wrote “I miss the coffees, the laughs, the cool professors that made us really interested, the feeling of walking around such spectacular buildings... once an Erasmus always an Erasmus and once a Belfastian, always a Belfastian i suppose haha ”

While Malaysian-based alumna @eugenekhor93 missed the simple pleasures of life in Belfast - “Maggie may ulster fry. Can’t get it in Malaysia.”

Other users, such as @irmiagustina and @daniellewride were pining for their favourite spots around Queen’s Quarter.

“I miss Mc clay library, walking around wonderful Lanyon building, grad school, nice people, lecturers, and Rain”, wrote @irmiagustina, while @daniellewride said she missed “The old library, the McClay library which opened in my second year, Botanic Gardens, the SU, the museum, lectures in Lanyon Building the film theatre and Maggie Mays ”

One common theme was the deep friendships that had been forged at Queen’s. “I miss all the nice people that I met. Also the ambiance was amazing,” wrote @naat1414, while @ry250955 added, “Loved the atmosphere of the whole QUB area. Always felt “at home” there and when I’m about there now, I still do!”

Some, like @cameron_sharp95, missed bonding with classmate over coffee, “Spending hours between lectures in the (now closed) SU. We loved that Clements,” he wrote. While others, such as @scottishjot, missed the “Snack bar disco on a Thursday night!!”

As well as looking back, our alumni were looking forward: @gail_taggart18 admitted that while she missed the old library building, the new Graduate School that stands in its place is impressive, “Miss the atmosphere of the old library- though I think the Graduate School is fantastic.”

Finally, @joemavy said he missed Queen’s so much, he came back, writing, “A little while ago I said I missed QUB so much that I would be back for a PhD......well, I'm back!”

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