E-Learning Resource: Women with Diabetes


This e-learning resource is aimed at healthcare professionals who will be caring for women with diabetes at any stage during the preconception, pregnancy, birth and postnatal process. This is not just for women who are planning for pregnancy, but a tool to support all women of child bearing potential.

This is a supportive learning resource, so please try and challenge yourself by answering all questions on each page before clicking on the ‘correct’ answers. Please note you are not being assessed! Upon completion of the modules and associated questions, you will be able to download a certificate.

Helping Women with Diabetes Prepare to Plan for Pregnancy

Women with diabetes face increased risk of pregnancy complications and adverse outcomes compared to the background population:

♦ Fivefold increased risk of stillbirth 

♦ Twofold increased risk of congenital malformation (CEMACH, 2005). 

♦ Poor glycaemic control in early pregnancy increases risk (Ray, O'Brien & Chan, 2001) yet the majority of women receive sub-optimal pre-pregnancy care in preparation for pregnancy due to lack of knowledge.

This innovative multimedia educational resource was developed to raise awareness of the importance of planning for pregnancy and embedded into routine care in Northern Ireland since 2010, having been adopted by all Endocrinology Consultants and a number of General Practices throughout Northern Ireland.

With the incidence of Diabetes on the increase in women of child bearing age and given the significant number of women presenting to secondary care unprepared and without having planned for pregnancy, it is vital that healthcare professionals working in the area of diabetes and reproductive health feel prepared to support women with diabetes along their reproductive journey. Healthcare Professionals need to feel confident discussing pregnancy planning to empower women so that they themselves feel confident that they are “Prepared to Plan”.