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Irish Writing and Culture

The Nabob: A Tale of Ninety-Eight

By: John Wilson Foster (Author)

The Nabob Book Cover

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Year: 2006
Format: Hardback
Category: Irish Writing and Culture
Tags: Literary Studies, Short Stories, Literary Fiction


Ninety-Eight is a series of interconnected tales published in 1911 as Ninety-Eight and Sixty Years After. These vivid tales, set in Co. Antrim in 1798 and sixty years later, are brutally realistic and yet thrillingly supernatural. A major theme is the way in which political violence in Ireland lives on beyond the grave, re-incarnating itself in successive generations. The chief villain, 'the Nabob', also called Galloper Starkie, is a repellent but fascinating figure. The first set of tales is told in convincing Lowland Scots, the second in English.