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Diversity and Inclusion

The diversity and inclusion team is helping to create a culture that is inclusive at all levels, in every system and process. Here, you will find a confidential source of advice and support to individual staff members on equality, diversity and inclusion issues as well providing the appropriate equality, diversity and inclusion training for staff.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our objectives are aligned with the Corporate Plan and the Core Values

  • To develop and support the implementation of policies and procedures that promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • To ensure the University is compliant with Northern Ireland equality legislation.
  • To provide Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training for staff.
  • To provide a confidential source of advice and support to individual staff members on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues.

For practical application of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies, contact your HR Business Partner.

For confidential advice, please contact:

028 9097 3039 or 028 9097 1046