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vWa Project

Poster presentations

List of Poster Presentations

1. Dr Pratibha Baral from IIP, presented poster entitled “Surfactant Aided recycling of Cellic CTec2 and assessment of glucose rich saccharified broth for direct bioethanol fermentation” in 3rd National Symposium on Shaping the Energy Future: Challenges and Opportunities “ SEFCO 2019 held on 10 and 11th May 2019 organized by CSIR-IIP-Dehradun. This poster was presented under the theme “Waste Carbon Utilization”.

2. Dr Sanjay Nagarajan from QUB, attended the UK ADNet Research Colloquium, in Manchester, UK and gave a poster presentation titled “Intensifying AD using VoDCa pre-treatment and early prediction of BMP using a time delay model”. This conference was conducted by the UK Anaerobic Digestion Network, in Jan 2019.

 3. Dr. Madan Kumar of IITD was awarded with Best poster Award for poster entitled “ Hydrothermal Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse for Biogas production” at 2ndInternational Conference & Exhibition on “Sustainability - Innovation and Diversification in Sugar and Allied Industry” scheduled from January 31, to Feb 2, 2020 in Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune, India.

4. Dr Przemyslaw Ociepa from GFR presented a poster entitled “vWa – Valorising Waste From Sugarvcane Industries via Innovations in Pretreatment, Biotransformations and Intensification” to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales during HRH’s visit to Green Fuels Berkeley, Gloucestershire.