HIV & Pregnancy - Education for Healthcare Professionals

ELearning Resource

This resource aims to enhance health care professionals’ knowledge and awareness of reproductive care for men and women affected by HIV.  In addition to key medical information, the resource includes ‘actors’ presenting real life stories based on qualitative research with men and women living with HIV. Learn more

Original Research

This resource incorporates the findings from qualitative research, conducted in Northern Ireland, which explored reproductive decision-making, pregnancy and childbirth in the context of HIV. Listen to podcast interviews with some of the researchers. Learn more

Project Development

This project involved users groups from professional practice and HIV positive women who met with the project team at different stages throughout the resource’s development. Learn more

One woman's own story

One of the women in our user group tells her own story. Learn more

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This project was funded by a Knowledge Transfer grant from the HSC Research & Development division of the Public Health Agency