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COHeRe and Cochrane Crowd - Mapping the determinants of COVID health related behaviors

COHeRe and Cochrane Crowd Mapping the determinants of COVID health related behaviors

We are delighted to announce that the COHeRe project has partnered with the Cochrane crowd to screen over 20,000 records to find those relevant studies that will help us understand more about the determinants of COVID-19 health related behaviors.

The crowd truly is a global community of citizen scientists. Since its launch in 2016 almost six million classifications have been made by 22,616 contributors, from 170 countries. We are now harnessing the power of these volunteers to help us screen through the many thousand records published since the beginning of COVID-19 to find those records which meet our inclusion criteria.

This is important work as we need to quickly find high-quality research that will more accurately direct us to the most important determinants of health-related behaviours so that we can make this evidence available, as quickly as possible, to the people who need it.

Together we can better understand how to improve behaviour to interrupt the spread of COVID-19. 

I don’t know much about COVID health related behaviors, can I still take part?

  1. Along with Cochrane we have developed a training module that will help you understand the types of papers we want to find. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Sounds good, what else should I know?

You can do as little or as much as you like, at your own pace. To mark your contribution we will provide a certificate to anyone who screens 100 or more and acknowledge you by name (if you want us to, of course) if you screen more than 250.

I’m in! Now how do I start?

Great! There are a few steps to get started.

1) If you aren’t already a member, please create a Cochrane Account by clicking ‘Signup’ here.  This will now be your log in for all of Cochrane.

2) When your account is verified, please sign back in to Crowd and Dive in!

3) You will find our review ‘The COHeRe Project’ already has 38,224 classifications (as of the 19th Oct) and once there, you will be prompted to complete the short training module and if you pass, you’re ready to start screening.

And one last thing....THANK YOU!