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Introducing Charlotte Kincaid

We are delighted to announce that Charlotte Kincaid has joined the Campbell UK & Ireland team as our new Policy and Impact Officer

Charlotte is on secondment from the Centre for Effective Services and is working in partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence in the Campbell Centre UK & Ireland. Her work involves expanding the reach of Campbell and the Alliance in N.I and promoting the use of evidence in policy and practice. She is developing a network of Evidence Champions to facilitate learning and connections across sectors and is offering support and training to help organisations use evidence. She is exploring good use of evidence in policy and practice in N.I and showcasing this work to an international audience. Charlotte is reaching out to commissioners, policy makers, service providers, non-profit organisations and umbrella bodies across Campbell’s research areas. She is also translating some of Campbell’s reviews into accessible and practical resources aimed at policy makers or practitioners, to further the impact of Campbell’s work.

In her previous role with CES, Charlotte worked with non-profits, helping them to use evidence in their practice through knowledge translation and building evaluation capacity. Charlotte also has experience in policy making in N.I where she has supported the development of the new Family and Parenting Support Strategy. Prior to this, she worked in fundraising and has a variety of volunteering experience, from advocating for safer drug use, to teaching English in Vietnam. Charlotte holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Nottingham and has a specific interest in international development.

If you want to be involved in the work that Charlotte is doing or would be insterested in becoming a Evidence Champion you can contact her at this email address