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What Works Summit - Speakers

Introducing three of our What Works Speakers for our upcoming What Works Summit on Early Years in February 2019

Tom McBride

Director of Evidence
Early Intervention Foundation

Tom leads the EIF’s evidence generation work. He has 15 years of experience of public sector research and analysis roles. He joined EIF from the Department for Education, where he led the Strategic Analysis function. Prior to that, he worked for eight years at the National Audit Office.

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Matthew van Poortvliet

Head of Programmes
Educational Endowment Foundation

Matt leads EEF’s programmes team, which is responsible for identifying promising interventions, managing trials, and developing EEF’s guidance for schools. He has a particular focus on developing EEF's evidence in relation to early years, parental engagement, and social and emotional learning.

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James Jagroo

Senior Analyst
National Institute for Health and Social Care Excellence (NICE)

James has been involved in the development of guidelines across a variety of clinical and public health topics. He has a background in public health and is currently in the final year of his PhD

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