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Eva van Roekel

Eva van Roekel

I am a cultural anthropologist, and my work focuses on political violence, economic crisis, and ethics in Latin America, particularly in Argentina and Venezuela. I have published widely in various anthropological and regional journals about these vexed experiences. My awarded book monograph Phenomenal Justice engages with violence and justice through an affective lens. Yet, feeling unfulfilled with academic genres, during my PhD, I also started experimenting with alternative formats of ethnographic storytelling. This has resulted in various short stories and documentaries that premiered at international film festivals in Europe and Latin America. In 2014, I decided to publish with Cordiviola when it comes to the fictional and the imaginative.

Currently I am finalising an essay film project about my longstanding relationship with a war criminal and his brother in Argentina (you can watch a trailer here).  And I am now also working on a three-year research project on the complex humanitarian crisis in Venezuela from a moral perspective in which I try to blend long gone memories from my adolescence with ethnographic fieldwork. An example of this is the short story Blue Morpho that recently appeared.

Aside from research, writing and filming,  I really find joy in teaching anthropology at the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where I currently hold a position as assistant professor.  I mainly teach on ethnographic methodologies, the many forms of violence and humanitarian crisis, creative writing, visual anthropology, and history of anthropological theory.

To see my publication list, please look at my personal and university website. Here some relevant creative and academic outputs: