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Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is an ethnomusicologist and social anthropologist based in Queen’s University Belfast. His work focuses upon the intersection of ethno-national identity and social class in creative musical practice in Northern Ireland. Gordon has published extensively on the music and social significance of marching bands in Ulster and has also published on the Ulster-Scots musical revival and on aspects of Irish traditional music. He is the author of Music, Emotion and Identity in Ulster Marching Bands: Flutes, Drums & Loyal Sons (Peter Lang 2011). Gordon has regularly engaged with the media, with policy-makers and with community groups across Northern Ireland and has contributed to three documentary films and two experimental music videos (one produced online during the Covid-19 pandemic) in collaboration with the Belfast NGO ‘Beyond Skin’ (access below). He is currently preparing a research project including archival, ethnographic and performance elements which will explore historic intersections between British military music and Irish traditional music through an 18th century manuscript held in Queen’s University’s Bunting Collection. Gordon is an active community musician performing with marching bands, Ulster-Scots folk groups and Irish traditional musicians.

  • Creative Anthropology Works

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  • Forthcoming

    “Sectarianism and Social Care: The Role of Loyalist Flute Bands in Responding to Deprivation in Working-Class Areas of Belfast” in Lawlor, Helen & Adrian Scahill (eds) Sounding Empowerment: Essays on Music, Politics & Resistance. Cambridge Scholars: Cambridge.

  • Appearances in Documentary Films

    The Hamely Tongue (2010) Directed by Deaglán Ó Mocháin. (Irish language with English subtitles) TG4.

    On Parade (2017) Directed by Jérémie Magar. Available on Film Freeway (password PARADE):

    Beart Bunting (Bunting’s Gift) (2022) Directed by Deaglán Ó Mocháin. (Irish language with English subtitles) TG4-BBC co-production. Available on BBC iPlayer:

  • Music Videos in Collaboration with "Beyond Skin"