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James Cuffe

James Cuffe

I am an anthropologist working at the School of Society, Ethics & Politics in the Department of Sociology & Criminology at University College Cork. My main research interests include social impacts of technology, technological ‘agency’ with regional expertise on Ireland and China.  I am a recent recipient of the Irish Research Council Laureate award for an ethnographic project on Smart Cities examining urban digital transition. This work is being undertaken at the CyberSocial Research Lab at UCC – of which I am Director. I am also co-director with Fiona Murphy of the Atlantic Anthropological Workshop, run annual for Post-Graduates in Anthropology in the beautiful environs of the Dingle Peninsula.

Selected Publications

  • Monograph

    Cuffe, J.B. (2020) China at a Threshold: Exploring Social Change in Techno-Social Systems Routledge: London

  • Author/Editor in Volume

    Windle, J., Lynch, O., Sweeney, K., O’Neill, M., Donson, F., Cuffe, J. (2022) Criminology, Crime and Justice in Ireland: An Introduction Routledge: London

    Cuffe, J.B. ‘Beauty & Careful Representation’ in Reclaiming Beauty: Essays in Political Anthropology Volume One Eds Horvath, A. & Cuffe J.B. Series on Contemporary Mimetic Revival, Ficino Press: 2012 pp141-176

  • Peer-Reviewed Chapters

    Cuffe, J.B., 2021 ‘Diffuse-Disciplining: Consequences of Pervasive Autonomous Policing Systems’ in Automating Crime Prevention, Surveillance, and Military Operations Eds: Aleš Završnik and Vasja Badalič

    Larkan, F., Cuffe, J., Lawal, S. A., 2017 ‘Ethnographic Field Methods’ in Research Methods in Social and Management Sciences, Editors: Nurudeen Alliyu, Richard Aborisade, Samuel Fasanmi, Ibadan University Press: 2017 pp347-362

    孔智慕 (James Cuffe) 2011 ‘中爱关系 - [English translation: Sino-Irish Relations] in 中爱关系:跨文化视角 Ed. Wang Zhanpeng 北京:世界知识出版社: 2011