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Vojtěch Liebl

Vojtěch Liebl

Currently based in Prague, I am a Czech graphic designer and interdisciplinary artist who graduated in 2023 from the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Arts in Pilsen. My artistic passion lies in the world of fungi and microorganisms, and my work explores multi-species interactions and the proliferation of non-human entities within the realm of graphic design. I employ a diverse range of media, combining environmental observation with AI and 3D-generated art.

My master thesis "Shapeshifters" delves into the ways in which humans interact with nature, landscapes, and non-human kin, and zooms in from the human scale to the microcosm of these unique beings. While graphic design traditionally serves as an information system for people, the project strives to transcend its conventional boundaries. Instead of asking how we can use non-human organisms, it encourages us to inquire what we can learn from them.

I am also a member of Planeta Kampus, a collective that speculates about (im)possible ecosystem alterations in the era of climate crisis. These hybrid spacetimes call us to adapt our knowledge, sensing, and bodies to constantly shifting conditions. Informed by many natural and artificial intelligences, we explore interspecies collaborations, mold-human interactions, and more-than-human worldbuilding strategies.

In my ongoing research, I am dedicated to the exploration of innovative ways to repurpose graphic design within the context of a semi-natural more-than-human world.