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Catching Waves

person looking out at water

This workshop, designed by Maruška Svašek, was part of Atlantic Anthropological Antraipeolaíochta Atlantach, an international event for graduate students, convened by James Cuffe (University College Cork) and Fiona Murphy (Dublin City University) that offered a multi-modal exploration of anthropology. The overall event took place at the Dingle Campus of the Sacred Heart University from 21-23 April 2023 in County Kerry, Ireland.

Catching Waves acknowledged the challenges ethnographers have when translating fieldwork experiences and materials into accessible outcomes. Inspired by the Atlantic environment, we explored creative approaches to ethnographic production, in particular poetry and painting. Reading a few ethnographic poems and looking at several examples of graphic anthropology, we considered their sensorial impact and thought about their epistemological strengths and limitations. Encouraged by the sound, sight, smell, touch and taste of the sea, we then caught waves, sketching movement and writing poetic lines.

person dropping something in water cupped hand above water
People sitting down and writing by the water

older man writing on piece of paper by the water

Person holding up paper Person holding up paper Person holding up paper

People gathered in a green area