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Playful Ethnography Prayagraj

2023 Playful Ethnography, Prayagraj

This collaborative teaching project involved students and faculty from the University of Allahabad, Queen’s University, Belfast, and University of Delhi. In Allahabad, students documented their sensorial experiences in Prayagraj at eh Magh Mela. A dimension of playfulness was added, introducing the spinning of the dice to choose the direction in which students proceeded for their tasks, such as documenting smell, colors, taste, sound, and writing poems about the place and talking to people about their health. An online seminar of all the teams was conducted where students shared their experiences. Documentary films were also produced as an outcome of the project.

Prashant Khattri with students

Fieldwork at Magh Mela (Religious Fair), January 2023, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India with Master’s Students of Anthropology