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Youth Development Study

Findings and Publications

Findings & Publications

The YDS team has written a number of academic papers based on early analysis of the data obtained and this section contains research findings published or accepted for publication by academic peer reviewed journals*.

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Selected Publications:

Factors associated with teenage ecstasy use.  McCrystal, P and Percy, A.  (In press).  Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy . (Abstract)

The Extent and Nature of Family Alcohol and Drug Use: Findings from the Belfast Youth development Study, Percy, A, Thornton, M and McCrystal, P Child Abuse Review(In press). (Abstract)

A Profile of Adolescent Cocaine Use in Northern Ireland.  McCrystal, P and Percy, A (in press).  International Journal of Drug Policy.   (Abstract)

Substance Misuse amongst Young People in Non School Settings: Challenges to Practitioners and Policy Makers. Mc Crystal, P. (in press).  Child Abuse Review , (Abstract)

Drug Taking Prevention for Young People with SEBD Attending Special Education Provision.  McCrystal, P (in press).    Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties .   (Abstract)

Cannabis Reclassification: What is the Message to the Next Generation of Cannabis Users?   McCrystal, P (in press).  Child Care in Practice . (Abstract)

Substance Use Among Young People Living in Residential State Care.  Child Care in Practice ..  McCrystal, P., Percy, A. & Higgins, K., (2008), 14, 2, 181-192.  (Abstract)

Frequent Cannabis Use Among 14/15 Year Olds in Northern Ireland.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence 88, 19-27.  McCrystal, P., Percy, A., & Higgins, K. (2007).  (Abstract)

Exclusion and Marginalisation: The Experience of School Exclusion on Drug Use and Antisocial Behaviour.  Journal of Youth Studies 10, (1), 35-54, McCrystal, P., Percy, A., & Higgins, K (2007).  (Abstract)

 The Cost of Drug Use in Adolescence: Young People, Money and Substance Abuse.  Drugs: Education Policy and Prevention McCrystal, P., Percy, A., & Higgins (2007) 14,1 19-28.  (Abstract)

Substance use behaviours of young people with a moderate learning disability: A Longitudinal Analysis.  American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse .  McCrystal, P., Percy, A. & Higgins, K., (2007) 33, 1, 155-161.  (Abstract)

Drug Use amongst young people attending emotional and behavioural difficulty units during adolescence: A longitudinal analysis Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties .  McCrystal, P., Percy, A. & Higgins, K., (2007) 12, 1 49-68.  (Abstract)

Drug Use Patterns and Behaviours of Young People at an Increased Risk of Drug Abuse during Adolescence.  International Journal of Drug Policy 17, 393-401 McCrystal, P., Percy, A., & Higgins, K. (2006).  (Abstract)

School Exclusion Drug Use and Delinquency in Adolescence.   Journal of Adolescence 29, 829-836 McCrystal, P., Percy, A., & Higgins, K. (2006)  (Abstract)

Adolescent Substance Abuse Among Young People Excluded from School in Belfast.    Drugs: Education Policy and Prevention , 12, 101-113   McCrystal, P., Higgins, K., Percy, A., & Thornton, M.(2005).  (Abstract)

Substance Abuse among 12 and 13-year old Young People in Belfast at a High Risk of Developing Problem Drug Use, Child Care in Practice , 11, 3, 313-322.  McCrystal, P., Higgins, K., Percy, A., & Thornton, M.  (2005).  (Abstract)

Response consistency in young adolescents’ drug use self-reports: a recanting rate analysis.  Addiction 100, 189-196 .  Percy, A., McAllister, S., Higgins, K., McCrystal, P., & Thornton, M.   (2005).  (Abstract)

 Drug use amongst 12 and 13 year olds attending emotional and behavioral difficulty units in Belfast, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties 10 (3), 203-218 McCrystal, P., Higgins, K., Percy, A., & Thornton, M.  (2005)  (Abstract)

Emerging Patterns in Adolescent Drug Use in Northern Ireland: The Belfast Youth Development Study, Child Care in Practice , 1, 73-83 McCrystal, P., Higgins, K., Percy, A., & Thornton, M. (2003).  (Abstract)

School Exclusion Drug Use and Antisocial Behaviour at 15/16 years: Implications for Youth Transitions (2007), Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies2,3, 181-190  (Abstract)

Confirmatory factor analysis of the self-report Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, European Journal of Psychological Assessment, Percy, A., McCrystal, P Higgins, K. (2008), 24,1, 43-48.   (Abstract)

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