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Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice


The activities of the ICCJ comprise the following:

1. An invited speakers seminar series featuring three events per semester. Presentations are delivered either in person or online.

2. An annual keynote lecture (“The ICCJ Annual Lecture”) given by a prominent scholar in the fields of criminology and criminal justice. 

For example, the following academics have delivered the ICCJ annual lecture in the past: Professor Chris Uggen(University of Minnesota), Professor Pat Carlen (University of Bath), Professor Ian Loader (University of Oxford) and Professor Jonathon Simon (University of California, Berkeley).

3. A monthly work-in-progress seminar providing an opportunity for the ICCJ members to present the material they are working on to each other and receive feedback.

4. Workshops, conferences and symposia.

5. Two ICCJ meetings per Semester to discuss the day-to-day business of the ICCJ, plan and organise specific activities.

Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice