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The Mozambique Case Study


The project has been developed in Mafala, Maputo’s oldest township, in collaboration with IVERCA, a local grassroots association.

This project draws from an interdisciplinary methodology that combines ethnography and sonic art research practices to produce a participatory audio-visual work which reflects on the relationship between sound and conflict in Mozambican contemporary society.

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Mozambique Case Study About
Output and Impact

This research comprises fieldwork and training in the Mafalala neighbourhood, a collaborative performance with local the Tufo Group, and a sound art installation.

The research programme is based on participatory methods and had a direct impact on the local community.

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Mozambique Case Study Outputs

This is a collaborative venture between Queen's University researchers, local music makers, and a grassroots organisation in Mozambique.

The project team comprises a collaboration between researchers from the Sonic Arts Research Centre and the Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice. Our local partners in Maputo (Mozambique) were Tufo da Malafala Dance Group, and Mafalala's community organisation IVERCA.

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Mozambique case study team