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Top Tips From Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

Self-help techniques 

You may have heard of Take 5? Think about it as your ‘5 a day’ for good mental health and wellbeing and I found this so helpful when I was caring.

  • Keep connected

    Even though you can’t get out and about, speaking to others, using skype/telephone is a really good way to keep in touch for both you as the carer and your loved one that you are caring for.  Many organisations are running online classes such as gentle yoga or relaxation.

  • Be Active 
    Physical activity is not only good for physical health but also for our mental health, it produces chemicals in our brain that helps us feel good. 
  • Take Notice

    When we are grateful for small things it can give us a more positive outlook. Being present and in the moment particularly if we are anxious about what the future holds. 

  • Keep Learning

    Don’t be afraid to take the time to learn new things, especially if you feel more confined to the house – use that time -  it can be very simple for e.g learning a new recipe, reading a newspaper article or a word search. – an active mind is a healthy mind. 

  • Give

    The last step in the Take 5 is Give and being a carer you are already giving so much so remember to be kind and give to yourself.