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Top Tips from Counsellor

What ways can carers feel supported during Covid-19 pandemic?

  • Asking for help from family, friends and services/organisations (there might be limitations because of the pandemic, but some help might be better than no help at all).
  • Check-in with yourself everyday:
    • Mentally (how is my thinking and self-talk right now?)
    • Emotionally (how am I feeling right now?)
    • Physically (how is my body doing? aches or pains?)
    • Spiritually (how is my spirit? this can be faith-based or it can be exploring where I feel most calm/relaxed?)
    • Stay open to finding creative ways to stay in touch socially with friends, family and the wider community.

More Top Thoughts

  • It's important to acknowledge how hard living through this pandemic has been for you.
  • Practice small acts of self-care every day that you can - include yourself in the circle of care.
  • Allow others to help when you can, you are allowed to have limits and take a break sometimes.
  • Talk to someone else from time to time, offload and vent to someone you can trust.
  • Keep a sensible routine for yourself.
  • Take small regular breaks from the pandemic stress If something feels calming for you.