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Science and Culture


The Science and Culture Research Group are involved in a diverse array of independent and collaborative research projects and to see full details of each participant’s track record, check out the People page. Here, a selection of recent and ongoing projects are highlighted to offer an indication of the kinds of work and interdisciplinary expertise encompassed by the group.

Decolonising UK Earth Science Pedagogy

Principal Investigator: Dr Satish Kumar

Dementia Fiction Project

Investigators: Dr Jane Lugea and Dr Gemma Carney

The Empire of Climate

Principal Investigator: Prof David Livingstone

A social history of environmental determinism from Herodotus to Global Warming

Evolution and Ethics in Journalism and Fiction, 1870-1900

Principal Investigator: Dr Caroline Sumpter

This project focuses on the ways novelists and journalists drew on their political beliefs about evolution to imagine the morual coummunities of the future.