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Research Projects


The COMET (Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials) Initiative is working to strengthen the development and use of core outcome sets in clinical trials. This would make it easier for users of research to compare, contrast and combine the findings from different trials and reviews.
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Evidence Aid

Evidence Aid is an international initiative to improve effective and timely access to systematic reviews on the effects of interventions and actions of relevance before, during and after natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies.
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Studies Within a Trial (SWAT) and Studies Within a Review (SWAR)

The SWAT and SWAT programme is identifying issues about the methods of trials and systematic reviews about which there is sufficient uncertainty to justify research to support well-informed decision making about future designs and choices. It will build an online library for these methodology studies and a data repository into which people using the designs could log their study prospectively and deposit their findings to contribute to meta-analyses of the individual SWAT or SWAR.

Study documentation can be accessed here.

Watch the webinar for the Hub Network Trial Conduct Working Group, by Mike Clarke here.

Multiplicity and subgroup analyses

Oxford International Programme in Evidence-Based Healthcare, 9th December 2010.

By Professor Mike Clarke, Director of the MRC All-Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research.

 In May 2012 The Institute of Nursing Research, University of Ulster hosted a Research Away Week which included a series of Masterclasses. One of which was entitled ‘the Methodology Hub’. The event  was chaired by Prof Vivien Coates, was designed with all those with an interest in running clinical trials in mind and was well attended by nurses, allied health professionals and psychologists. It began with Prof Mike Clark giving an overview of the aim of the MRC All-Ireland Methodology Hub. Participants then raised a series of questions relating to trial design and these were discussed and potential solutions to problems sought. The event provided an opportunity for a wide range of individuals with an interest in trials to meet and share ideas  and expertise.

The Northern Ireland Network for Trials Methodology Research
The Northern Ireland Network for Trials Methodology Research