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General Chair 

Ms Xinzhu Pang, Queen’s University Belfast 

Mr Huadong Liao, Tianjin University 

Programme Chair 

Mr Junhan Cheng, Queen’s University Belfast 

Ms Zishan Han, Tianjin University 

Organizing Committee Chair 

Mr Harrison Hampton, Queen’s University Belfast 

Mr Shuzhuang Sun, Queen’s University Belfast 

Mr Zhipeng Tang, Tianjin University 

Advisory Committee 

YanJin, Queen's University Belfast

Melissa Laverty, Queen's University Belfast 

Ms Shuang Qiu, Tianjin University 

Manling Wang, Tianjin University 

Chao Yuan, Southeast University Nanjing 

International Scientific Committee 

Professor David Rooney, Queen’s University Belfast 

Dr Chunfei Wu, Queen's University Belfast 

Professor Sheng Zhang, Tianjin University 

Associate Professor Tao Yu, Tianjin University 

Lecturer Maoshuai Li, Tianjin University 

Assistant Researcher Meiyan Wang, Tianjin University 

Professor Yulong Ding, University of Birmingham 

Professor Wei Chen, South China University of Technology

Wang Yanhong, South China University of Technology

Dr Shaoyun Chen, Dalian University of Technology

Wei Zhou, Harbin Institute of Technology

Donliang Zhong, Chongqing Univeristy

Gu Yifan, Tongji University

Professor Alan Marshal, University of Liverpool 

Dr Tim Coombs, University of Cambridge 

Professor Kang LI, University of Leeds 

Professor Sarah Spurgeon, University College London 

Professor Hao Lui, University of Nottingham 

Professor Jihong Wang, University of Warwick 

Professor Jianzhong Wu, University of Cardiff 

International Student Committee 

Marcus King, University of Warwick 

Siyuan Dai, University of Birmingham 

Ikechukwu Ejim, University of Nottingham 

Chen Xing, University of Leeds  

Xun Jiang , University of Cardiff 

Pouya Kolahian, University College London  

Michail Theofilatos, University of Liverpool 

Sihong Zhou, Harbin Institute of Technology 

Gang Zaho, Tongji University 

Zemin Qin, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Xiyue Li, Chongqing University

Jinrao Gu, Southeast University

Jie Zhu, Dalian University of Technology 

Wei Tang, Beijing Institute of Technology 

 Mengyang Li, South China University of Technology 

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