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Ethics Committees in Pandemic


WEBINAR 1 The role of National Ethics Committees during the COVID-19 pandemic
20 October 2020
Prof Sir Jonathan Montgomery (UCL), Prof Emily Jackson (LSE), Prof Bobbie Farsides (Brighton and Sussex med School), Prof Dr Alena Buyx (Chair German Ethics Council)
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WEBINAR 2 The role of professional ethical guidance in the COVID-19 pandemic

10 November 2020
Katie Gollop QC (Sergeants’ Inn Chambers), Prof Richard Huxtable (CEM, Bristol), Dr Mark Sheehan (Ethox, Oxford), Prof Dominic Wilkinson (Uehiro,Oxford)
Webinar recording to follow.

WEBINAR 3 The role and remit of Clinical Ethics Committees in the COVID-19 pandemic 16 December 2020
Prof Raanan Gillon (Imperial College London), Prof Anne Marie Slowther (Warwick Medical School and UKCEN), Dr Joe Brierley (GOSH), Dr Peta Coulson-Smith (U of Southampton)
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WEBINAR 4 Bioethics in the public domain

21 January 2021
Sir David King (iSAGE), Prof Peter Littlejohns (KCL) Melanie Challenger (author and researcher), Dr Jonathan Ives (CEM, University of Bristol)
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WEBINAR 5 The function and constitution of clinical ethics committees
22 February 2021
Prof John Coggon (U of Bristol), Juliet Tizzard (Health Research Authority), Rev Jim Linthicum (GOSH), Prof Amel Alghrani (U of Liverpool)
Recording to follow.

WEBINAR 6 Guiding ethical and legal principles in the pandemic
22 March 2021
Speakers: Prof Dr Alena Buyx (Chair German Ethics Council), Dr Gry Wester (KCL), Prof Richard Ashcroft (City University), Dr Charlotte Elves and Prof Jonathan Herring (Oxford University)
Recording to follow.

Ethics Committees in Pandemic
Ethics Committees in Pandemic