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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Sia Andersson

Sia Andersson

Sia joined the CDT in September 2016 having previously completed an MSci in Physics at the University of Glasgow.

In Semester 1 2016-2017 she completed a short exploratory research project in Visible OCT Systems, supervised by Professor Richard Hogg. In Semester 2 2016-2017 she conducted a practical research project, supervised by Dr Miryam ArredondoStudying annealing effects in novel matrices for plasmonic device

CDT PhD Project

Hybrid optical components for advanced quantum systems


Professor John Marsh, University of Glasgow

Professor Robert Bowman, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Brendan Casey, Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd

There have been rapid evolutions in quantum technology and, today, many core experimental techniques can be realised using micro- and nano fabricated atomic systems. The development of “quantum on chip” systems will dramatically increase the mechanical precision, long-term reliability and availability of components thanks to the potential for robust and portable solutions.

The aim of the project is to develop and exploit advanced and next-generation lithography techniques that will enable the realization of atomic based building blocks for the fabrication of more complex quantum atomic systems.

In the specific, the project involves the design, realization and testing of free space and guided optical components based on silicon, dielectric platforms and III/V systems. This will include DFB lasers, diffraction gratings, optical waveguides, frequency converters and couplers. These aspects will be complemented by design of fabrication protocols and yield analysis with the aim of understand and assess how the fabrication variability and dispersion can affect the working behaviour of the components once implemented at the system level. The project will also explore devices for quantum information science and technology applicable in quantum networks.

The project is based with CDT PIADS at the University of Glasgow in collaboration with Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd.

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