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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Frederic Rendell-Bhatti

Frederic Rendell-Bhatti

Before joining the CDT in 2017, I had previously completed a BSc in Chemistry at the University of Sussex, a PGCE in Secondary Science at the University of Exeter and an MSc in Nanomaterials and Materials Science at the University of Sheffield.  

CDT PhD Project: Manipulation and Exploitation of the Dynamic Processes of Skyrmions

Dr Damien McGrouther, University of Glasgow
Prof. Stephen McVitie, University of Glasgow

Project description: Using transition electron microscopy (TEM) techniques combined with micromagnetic simulations to understand dynamic processes involving magnetic skyrmions. 

General Research/Science Interests: 
I am primarily interested in nanoscale magnetic materials, electron microscopy and micromagnetic simulations. More broadly, I am interested in condensed matter systems and characterisation of such systems using a range of techniques.  

Talks / Presentations: 
I gave a poster presentation at IOP Magnetism 2019 and was invited to give a talk at SKYMAG 2020 (April), which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. 

I have recently published a first author paper titled ‘Spontaneous creation and annihilation dynamics and strain-limited stability of magnetic skyrmions’ in Nature Communications (published July 2020). 

CDT Involvement: 
I am on the Research and Training committee, which means I have been responsible for relaying information and suggestions between my cohort and the CDT management.  

Any other info? 
I’m really into hiking in the Scottish wildernessI’m a big believer of autodidacticism, I try to learn as many new things as I can. Currently I am teaching myself jazz and classical piano and more advanced coding in python. 

Contact me: 
You can contact me via email

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