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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan

I joined the CDT in 2018, previously completing a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Queens University Belfast 

Project Title: Integrated Photonic Devices for Smart Gas Sensors

Supervisor: Prof. Marc SorelUniversity of Glasgow

The main objective of the project will be on the demonstration of a step change reduction in sensor power consumption through research and development of mid-infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) and photodiode devices, allowing low cost “plug and forget” deployment of sensor systems. Specifically, the project will improve the efficiency of LEDs and detectors fabricated on narrow bandgap semiconductors such as AlInSb and GaInSb by developing both novel semiconductor epilayer designs and device geometries. Moreover, the unique expertise and technological facilities available in the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre at the University of Glasgow will enable the integration on these LEDs with more complex photonic circuits such as optical filters, interferometers and RF antennas that will greatly enhance their functionalities and range of applications. 

My primary interest in this research was being able to see the real-world applications, the devices I am working on with Prof. Sorel could potentially have a positive impact for both individuals and companies in a variety of fields ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Health care, etc. 

Successful Funding:

I have successfully received funding from both the University of Glasgow and the CDT to go on an industrial placement to the laser company, II-VI, in Zurich, Switzerland. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 this placement was cut short by a month and a half however in the brief time I was there I learnt a lot and established fantastic working relationships with the employees of II-VI. In the future I intend to return to Zurich to complete my placement once the pandemic has ended. 

CDT Involvement:

I am a student buddy, giving me the pleasure of working with a member of the 2020 Cohort to help in anyway required for them to settle in. 

Impact Activity: 

I have enjoyed in this last year attempting to learn the coding language python to aid me both in my research but also just for the enjoyment of attaining a new skill. In the coming year, 2021, I will be attending German language lessons through the University of Glasgow, I have always had an interest in foreign languages and I am excited to get the opportunity to learn in a University setting. 

Outside of work:

I very much enjoy reading books, primarily of the fantasy genre, I have been trying to expand however into other genres: horror, crime, classics, science fiction and some mythology.  


I have very much enjoyed discovering more about myself through the various courses and opportunities provided by the CDT. I have developed into a more independent person both through moving to Glasgow and living in Zurich for a brief period of time. The responsiveness and support from not only my supervisor, but all CDT staff has been amazing.

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