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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Research Profile: James McCloskey

James McCloskey 

I joined PIADS this September as an IPIC student in Tyndall National Institute.  I have just this year completed my degree in Physics and Mathematical Sciences in University College Cork, in which I received a first class honours. 

CDT PhD/EngD Project Title: Non-Classical Light Emission from Nitride Based Quantum Dots 

Supervisors: Dr Stefan Schulz, Dr Emanuele Pelucchi, Tyndall National Institute 

General Research/Science Interests: 
I’m interested in anything physics related!  I chose to work in photonics because of how broad it is as a field, and because of the interesting quantum mechanics involved.  The project I am doing involves many-body quantum mechanics calculations, which is what I’m primarily interested in.  I generally enjoy any maths-heavy physics and computational physics. 

Successful Funding: 
I am currently being funded by SFI for my PhD.  Previous scholarships that I have been awarded include the University College Cork Employability Scholarship and a funded studentship in the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.  

CDT Involvement: 
I’m currently in my first year with the CDT, however I look forward to getting involved as a student buddy to help introduce next year’s IPIC students.  I am also looking forward to getting involved in more science communication. 

Contact me: 

Any other info? 
I enjoy doing bits of physics in my spare time too!  A lot of my friends study different fields of physics which I enjoy talking about.  Generally, I still enjoy learning new things outside of my PhD.  That could be anything from science to history to economics.   

My favourite part of PIADS is the fact that everyone is so approachable.  People have all been very welcoming, from all three of the involved institutions. 

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