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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Research Profile: Zeki Shaw

Zeki Shaw 

Educational Background and Experience:  
- MNatSci Natural Sciences, University of East Anglia, Major: Physics/Physical Chemistry
[Project: Geometric Effects on Non-Classical Light Emission from Atomic Arrays]
- Compound Semiconductor Device Fabrication Course, IPIC 
- CMI L7 Management 

CDT EngD Project:   
Enhancing Light-Matter interactions in nanophotonic structures

Dr. Luca Sapienza (Glasgow)
Dr. Robert Bennett (Glasgow)
Dr. Lorenzo Stella (QuB)
Dr. Erik Gauger (Heriot-Watt University)

Project description: 
This project focuses on the investigation of light confinement in nanophotonic devices in order to control propagation and trapping of light on a chip. Novel geometries based on aperiodic arrangements and inverse designs of nanoscale features will be implemented.

The aim will be to increase light extraction, modify emission, and impart optical angular momentum to light emitted by quantum light sources based on semiconductor nanostructures. Furthermore, we want to study the feasibility of experiments investigating collective effects when multiple emitters are coupled to a single optical cavity. Applications in on-chip devices for information storage and transmission will be investigated. 

General Research/Science Interests: 
Generally, I find the theory behind any light-matter interaction exciting, as light is a fundamental part of the way we experience the universe. Being able to utilise and manipulate this in useful ways (or even just observe it) lends itself to exciting and interesting discoveries and ways to probe natures most fundamental building blocks.

Research interests of mine are:
Photonics, nano-photonics, Plasmonics, Condensed matter and lots of Quantum, especially: Optics, Communications, Electrodynamics, and Open Quantum Systems

CDT Involvement:

  • Co-Organiser Conclave 2022
  • Glasgow Science Festival At Home
  • Developed Quiz round for Cork Science Festival Quiz
  • Outreach activity, Greenhills Science Evening

Impact Activity:

  • Attended Quantum Dot Day 2022 Conference
  • 7 minutes of Science Presentation (2023)
  • Co-organiser for Inaugral Centre for Quantum Technology Winter School on Light-Matter Interactions in Quantum Devices (Also, winner of Synergy Pitch Prize!) (2023)
  • Co-Funding Offer Future Photonics Leaders (FPL) Committee (2023)

Being part of a cohort has been really helpful for developing my research skills and for having someone to talk to about the PhD experience. The CDT program has taught me a lot about the photonics industry and how hidden-in-plain sight it really is! I've also been able to network with both industry partners and academic research groups, allowing insight into where my work can go during and post-PhD. The training year has also introduced me to areas of research that I didn't know about before (namely, photonics crystals and plasmonics), which now form the basis for my PhD work! 

Contact me:

Queen's University Belfast Crest

University of Glasgow Crest