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Modiolus Restoration Research Group

Modiolus Restoration Research Group


Queen's University Belfast was commissioned in 2008 to establish the Modiolus Restoration Research Group to provide technical and scientific support for the Modiolus Restoration Plan. The Modiolus Restoration Plan is part of a strategy developed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and the Department of the Environment (DOE) to protect the Modiolus reefs of Strangford Lough following concerns raised by various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and others. The ultimate goal of the Modiolus Restoration Plan is to restore the Strangford Lough Special Area of Conservation (SAC) back to Favorable Conservation Status (FCS).

After completion of a 3-year study in 2011 (), the Modiolus Restoration Research Group (MRRG) has begun a second study beginning in 2013 which will continue to monitor existing reefs and initiate research that will position Strangford Lough Modiolus populations at the forefront of international research on biogenic habitat conservation and restoration.