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Welcome to
Global Intellectual Property and Technology Centre (G-IPTech)

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary research centre bringing together experts from law, technology, and other relevant fields to conduct comprehensive research, host insightful events, and actively engage with industry partners. Our aim is to provide up-to-date understanding of emerging issues in IP and technology law and to offer insights into the legal challenges posed by these developments.

We focus on a diverse range of research clusters including, globalisation, innovation economics, sustainability, competition, artificial intelligence, creative economy, platforms and metaverse, human rights online, cybersecurity, and e-democracy. These clusters represent the breadth and depth of our research interests, each helmed by faculty members possessing significant expertise in the corresponding field.

Our Mission

Our Centre's mission is to examine the legal frameworks that regulate intellectual property, both locally and internationally, and assess their adaptability to the rapid pace of technological advancements. We are particularly interested in understanding how disruptive technologies such as AI, biotech, immersive technologies, and online platforms, impact innovative and creative industries, and the consequential need to reassess fundamental IP categories.

We strive to navigate the tension between technological advancements, IP rights, and public interest amidst significant societal changes. Our research delves into the challenges and opportunities associated with global health, green economy, creative industries, smart cities, e-government, and the relationship between IP and competing fundamental rights, especially in the digital environment.

Our Vision - Glocal Focus

Our vision is to be an innovative research institute that supports the growth of the creative industries in the region, contributing to the goals of the Belfast Region City Deal, engaging with local and national policymakers to provide expertise on legal aspects of technology and IP. Our initiatives would like to contribute to stimulation of economic growth within the region. Simultaneously, we maintain a global perspective, focusing on the challenges posed by global trade, investment, and sustainable development in an increasingly digital society. As a Centre, we strive to enhance the international reputation and visibility of our School in the field of IP and technology law, while providing a valuable resource for policymakers, industry partners, and students interested in the legal aspects of technology and intellectual property.

Core Values

At the G-IPTech Centre, our work is guided by a set of core values that inform every aspect of our research, teaching, and engagement with the wider community.

(1Innovation: As a research centre at the cutting edge of technology, intellectual property, and the law, we are committed to fostering a spirit of innovation. We constantly push the boundaries of existing knowledge, ask challenging questions, and seek novel solutions to complex problems.

(2Collaboration: We value interdisciplinary collaboration as a key driver of excellence in research. We believe that by bringing together experts from diverse fields like law, technology, economics, and more, we can generate new insights and solutions to the challenges posed by fast-paced technological development. Furthermore, the Centre can facilitate research activities at both School and University level by promoting interdisciplinary research that combines multiple methodological areas, including (1) history, (2) sociological studies, (3) theory, (4) technology, (5) economics and empirical research, (6) law, and (7) policy.

(3Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical conduct in all our research and teaching. Our commitment to truth and fairness underpins every project we undertake and every interaction we have.

(4) Impact: We aim to produce research that has a real-world impact. This means we strive to influence legal and policy debates, support the growth of the creative industries, and contribute to the broader societal understanding of technology, intellectual property, and the law.

(5Global Perspective: We recognise the importance of understanding and engaging with the global dimensions of intellectual property and technology law. We strive to consider issues from multiple jurisdictions and to take into account the international impacts of our work.

(6Local Commitment: While we have a global perspective, we are equally committed to our local community. We believe in contributing to the local economy and society by engaging with local and national policymakers, supporting the Belfast Region City Deal, and fostering the growth of creative industries in the region.

(7Inclusivity: We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed and valued. We believe that diversity – whether of background, discipline, or thought – enriches our research and teaching.

(8) Lifelong Learning: We are committed to fostering an environment that encourages lifelong learning. We believe that intellectual curiosity should be nurtured and that learning is a continuous process. This is reflected in our commitment to creating an engaging environment for our students and the broader community.

(9Public Interest: We are firmly committed to understanding and addressing the legal, societal, and ethical implications of technological innovation in the public interest. We believe that our work should aim not only to advance knowledge but also to contribute to fair and equitable outcomes for all. This involves considering the impact of IP and IT law on sustainability, global health, user rights, and the democratic process. We strive to promote a balance between technological advancement, IP rights, and public interest, ensuring that the benefits of innovation are accessible and beneficial to the broader society.

By staying true to these core values, we aim to create a vibrant and dynamic research centre that contributes significantly to the field of intellectual property and technology law, while also making a meaningful difference to our local community and the wider world.

Goals and Objectives

The G-IPTech Centre is driven by a set of core objectives and goals that guide our research, collaborations, and educational initiatives. These include:

(1Advancing Knowledge: We aim to broaden understanding of the complex issues at the intersection of law, intellectual property, and technology. By exploring emerging challenges in this rapidly evolving field, we strive to contribute to the body of academic and practical knowledge.

(2Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Recognising that the fields of law, intellectual property, and technology often intersect with other disciplines, we seek to encourage collaboration among experts in law, technology, economics, computer science, engineering, and more. This interdisciplinary approach allows for a richer and more comprehensive exploration of the issues we study.

(3Promoting Glocal Perspective: We are committed to examining the topics from both local and global perspectives. This includes a strong focus on the creative industries in the Belfast region and broader global challenges. By doing so, we aim to provide insights that are relevant to our immediate community and the wider world.

(4Engaging with Policymakers and Industry Partners: We aim to engage with local and national policymakers, providing expertise and insight on the legal aspects of technology and intellectual property. Similarly, we aim to build strong partnerships with industry players, ensuring our research remains relevant and applicable to real-world challenges.

(5Enhancing Public Interest: A critical objective of ours is to address the relationship between technological development, intellectual property, law and the public interest. We aim to promote a balance between technological advancement, IP rights, and public interest, ensuring that the benefits of innovation are accessible and beneficial to the broader society.

(6Supporting the Creative Industries: In line with the Belfast Region City Deal's focus on innovation, we aim to support the growth of the creative and high-tech industries in our region. This includes providing insights on the legal aspects of technology and IP that can help these industries thrive.

(7Providing Education and Training: We are dedicated to offering high-quality education and training opportunities in technology and IP law. This includes not only our academic programs but also events, seminars, and collaborations that provide practical training and experience for our students.

(8Enhancing Visibility and Reputation: We strive to enhance the visibility and reputation of Queen's University Belfast's School of Law in the field of technology and IP law. By producing high-quality, impactful research and fostering strong partnerships, we aim to position our Centre as a leading research institute in this field.