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Global Intellectual Property and Technology Centre (G-IPTech)

Our Team

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Our team at the School of Law includes experts in various areas like platform regulation, cybersecurity, privacy, e-governance, e-commerce, international IP, copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, and trade secrets. Together, we strive to build a research centre that will enhance the visibility and reputation of the School of Law at Queen's University Belfast in the field of IT/IP law. You can follow the links to their individual research pages to read more about their interests, publications and ongoing projects. 

Staff member 

Specialist areas 

Dr Elisabeth Agnew 

platform regulation, content moderation online, cyberbullying, sexting, online harmful sexual behaviours and issues of consent, children’s rights, youth justice 

Prof Norma Dawson 

intellectual property law, trademark law, cultural property law, and legal history 

Dr Peter Doran 

IP and green economy, IP and sustainability, environmental law, climate emergency, the commons and communing, the wellbeing economy, law and the Pluriverse 

Dr Mark Flear 

global health, health law, medical law, EU law, biomedical research, equitable access to research findings and new medicines and vaccines, bioethics, epistemic justice 

Prof Giancarlo Frosio 

international IP law, IP law, IP and fundamental rights, history and economics of creativity/innovation, IP theories and justifications, copyright, digital copyright, trademark, patents, IP enforcement, IP enforcement online, platform regulation, law and technology, AI and the law, EU law 

Dr Alessandra Guida 

patent law, biotech law, health law, global health, IP and green economy, sustainable development and biosafety, environment law, agriculture law, international trade law, new technologies and their impact on human health and the environment 

Dr Ciara Hackett 

business and human rights, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility 

Dr Pratyush Nath Upreti 

international IP law, IP law, IP law and economic development, IP and international investment law, IP and global health, IP and global south/Asian legal studies, copyright, trademark, patents, trade secrets, international trade  

Dr Eugene Lim 

international and comparative IP law, copyright, trademarks, unfair competition, patents, biotechnology law and policy, law and technology  

Prof Marek Martyniszyn 

international economic law, competition law and policy, antitrust Law, international cooperation in competition law, competition and innovation, competition and technology, competition and IP law 

Dr Billy Melo Araujo 

International IP law, trade and policy, UK trade law, WTO law, EU external trade relations law, international investment law, foreign relations law 

Prof John Morison 

law and technology, Ai and the law, automated decision making 

Prof Therese Murphy 

human rights, health and human rights, global health law, health law and ethics, science, technology and human rights,  

Dr Ciarán O’Kelly 

law and technology, AI and the law, business and human rights, corporate social responsibility, computational approaches to the study of company law, corporate responsibility and corporate governance 

Dr Liam Sunner  

international and comparative IP law, IP law, EU law, law and music, copyright, digital copyright, law and technology 

Dr Paulina Wilson 

Comparative (Tort and Criminal) Law; Global Law Practice, Communication and Innovation; Entrepreneurship and IP Law; Regulation of New Technologies