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Dissensual Grooves LP and screen printed essay by -ence released 29 Jan 21

-ence is a new collaborative project between improviser and Professor of Music Paul Stapleton (AEL) and electronic musician and Lecturer in Latin American Studies, Ricki O'Rawe (AEL)

Their Dissensual Grooves LP sits between the uncertainty and openness of improvisation and the stability of the familiar palate of sounds and structures associated with dance music. A dis-sensual groove is one that appeals to a dancefloor’s desire for rhythm and movement while simultaneously disrupting its expectations, defamiliarising our engagement and slowing down our perceptions. Both Stapleton and O'Rawe are also academics and cultural theorists interested in exploring futurity and radical social change. With this multimodal project, which spans experimental instrument design, live improvisation, critical writing, and recorded music releases, they are going to make the club strange.

For the digital release, remixes come from Belfast's experimental electronic quarter - Son Zept (SARC PhD student) and This Ship Argo both bring off the wall reinterpretations of the "Dissensual Grooves" LP.

To be released by Resist-AV (run by Koichi Samuels a PhD graduate and former post-doc at SARC) on January 29, 2021

For pre-order and further details visit: