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Green Future Media - showcasing environment-related media work by QUB Broadcast students

Launched this week, Green Future Media is a student-led online multimedia project, anchored in the Broadcast Production department.

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It showcases environment-related media work by QUB students. The project is conceived of and run by Broadcast lecturer Don Duncan with funding from QUB's "Green Fund." Curated but a core team of Broadcast students, the Green Future Media website contains work from students of Broadcast; doctoral research from the School of Biological Sciences; and outputs from the annual Broadcast/Architecture collaboration, Public Colab, also co-run by Don Duncan.

The sleekly designed website contains environmentally aware stories in print, audio, video and graphics formats: stories about people in Belfast striving for zero-waste lifestyles; Northern Irish farmers caught between the need to survive and the need to farm sustainably; 'eco-anxiety' among young couples; the havoc that plastic waste is playing along Northern Ireland's coastline; and even some tales from the climate future that are important for us today...