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Prof Pedro Rebelo Releases “Listen to Me” on Streaming Platforms and Limited Edition Cassette

A residency in 2017 at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, in Braga, Portugal, was an opportunity for Pedro Rebelo, Professor of Sonic Arts at SARC, to discover the world of nanotechnology research, in particular through following researchers working on a project in the area of food safety.

Rebelo’s primary interest in sound led him to explore the sonorities of the research processes, the labs, the machinery and the entire sonic environment within which researchers operate at INL. The richness of this environment is remarkable, as researchers gradually “tune in” to specific sounds and patterns that ultimately embed their sense of time and space. From the blips of a certain piece of equipment, the huge air handling fans, the hiss of pouring liquid nitrogen, to the piercing sharpness of ultrasound “baths” used to mix specific compounds, this sound world is full of signs, full of aural cues saying “listen to me!”

The residency resulted in a sound installation at GNRation and then it developed into a further exploration of the sound materials collected in the two pieces presented in this release.

This edition was made possible with support from Queen’s University Belfast.

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