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Pedro Rebelo, Professor of Sonic Arts and SARC director, residency in Newfoundland, Canada

Pedro Rebelo, Professor of Sonic Arts and SARC director has been in residency at Easter Edge Arts, Newfoundland with visual artist Geraldine Timlin working on the project “Shaped by the Sea”.

Man recording two women singers overlooking mountains and the sea

The residency explores experiences of living on the edge of the European and American continents. Common to Ireland and Newfoundland are lives shaped by the Atlantic Ocean which represents separation and connection alike. Remote locations on both continents are rich in history and myth and continue to be sites for special connections to the natural world.

The project aims to connect residents from both Newfoundland and Donegal coasts; areas with strong artistic and cultural communities. Coastal lines, views of the horizon, land and sound - scapes, the passing of seasons, local fauna and flora are determining in shaping the lives of many rooted in these locations.