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MISTRAL Work Package 5

MISTRAL Work Package 5

Market Dimensions to Social Acceptance

The University of Saint Gallen will lead this work package. Research will focus on developing original scientific insights into social acceptance, primarily focusing on market conditions.

By linking studies of market instruments to how the socio-political and community responses are shaped, the work will examine the role of the broader framing influences of specific institutional conditions, regulations and path dependencies in how they shape the conditions for socio-acceptance of energy projects. It will examine this at a range of scales and seek to make links with both community and socio-political dimensions by, for example, examining the impact of differing policy regimes on overall levels of acceptance and the progress of energy transition.

Five linked ESR inter-disciplinary projects (ESR 11-15) will vary in how they examine the different scales (micro to macro) that govern market conditions.

Specific training and dissemination events will engage representatives from different sectors (business, regulatory, policy makers, communities) with specific real-life challenges for policy and the social dimensions to energy transition.

The work package aims to develop a robust inter-disciplinary understanding of the drivers and responses to declining social acceptance of renewable energy infrastructure focusing on the role of market and financial issues, and establish common frameworks and research protocols for approaching research on the market dimensions of social acceptance of renewable energy infrastructure.

The ESRs have access to a range of research and experiential learning experiences.

The netowrk will seek synergies with research emerging from WP3 and 4 to provide a more holistic means of addressing market concerns over renewable energy infrastructure and to disseminate this to wider academic and non-academic audiences.

ESR Projects in this Work Package

Silver Sillak
Collaborative Approaches
Aalborg University

Julia Le Maitre
Motivations, Incentives and Commitments for Co-Investment
University College Cork

Jakob Knauf
Community Investment – a Segmentation Approach
University of St.Gallen

Elizabeth Côté
Financial Models and Incentives for Co-Investment
University of St.Gallen

Robert Wade
The Political Economy of Land Ownership and Onshore Wind Energy
Queen’s University Belfast
United Kingdom