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AFBI Repository Deposit Licence Agreement

The Researcher grants AFBI a non-exclusive worldwide, perpetual and royalty free licence to reproduce and make their research outputs available to the public, subject to any agreed publication delay or embargo or restricted access. The Researcher confirms that the research output is their original work, that they have the right to commit to this license agreement, and that their research output and its publication on the AFBI Repository does not infringe any contractual arrangements, intellectual property rights, nor contain any confidential information, or personal/restricted data. The Researcher also confirms that any jointly owned or third party copyright material, i.e. others’ work, included in research outputs, is clearly identified and acknowledged and sufficient and appropriate permissions have been secured for the material to be reproduced and made available under the terms of this licence. Any copyright violations within the research outputs are the sole responsibility of the Researcher. AFBI will ensure that the Researcher is clearly identified as the creator of the research output.