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IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology

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IUGS-IFG Forensic Geology Training for Police Scotland. 3 August 2022.

Attendees Undertake Training and Demonstrations.

IUGS-IFG, working cooperatively with GSL-FGG, and in close collaboration with Police Scotland, brought together a group of experts to design and deliver a training session in forensic soil science and geology, including ground searches for burials strategy and evidence recovery. 

A physical training session in the use and application of search techniques for buried objects was held on 3 August 2022, at a location in Glasgow on the north bank of the river Clyde. This involved the Geoforensic Search Strategy (GSS) and incorporated the use of a range of assets, including geophysics, and the use of forensic recovery of evidence buried in the ground. This event was held in collaboration with the Police Scotland training team as an ancillary event at the WCSS. Over 20 Crime Scene Managers from Police Scotland and six forensic scientists received training at the event. In addition, two members of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence and the German Federal police attended the training session. Outputs included the provision of training worksheets in connection with a simulated operational case scenario. The worksheets provided information on the applications of forensic soil science and geology, from preliminary search planning to the appropriate use of geophysical and angering search assets, crime scene sampling, to the provision of evidence in court.  

IUGS-IFG funded a professional training video for Police Scotland at this event. This training exercise was planned by James Hutton Institute, GSL-FGG and Queens University of Belfast with Police Scotland. One video will be confidential for use only by Police Scotland for the training of Crime Scene Mangers on the role of forensic geology/soil science in search for buried objects in an outdoor setting and one video will be created for use by IUGS-IFG for teaching and education purposes.  


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