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IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology

Member's Books

Cover of SP384 Environmental Criminal Geoforensics

Pirrie, D., Ruffell, A., Dawson, L. (2013) SP384: Environmental Criminal Geoforensics. Geological Society of London (Amazon) Publication Flyer

Published December 15, 2013


Cover of Geologia Forense

Di Maggio, R. M., Matteo Barone, P., Pettinelli, E., Mattei, M., Lauro, S., Banchelli, A. (2013) Geologia Forense. Introduzione alle geoscienze applicate alle indagini giudiziarie. Dario Flaccovio Editore. Italia. (Amazon)

Published November 13, 2013


Cover of An Introduction to Forensic Geoscience

Bergslien, Elisa T. (2012) An Introduction to Forensic Geoscience (Amazon)

Published May 1, 2012


Cover of 2nd edition of Evidence from the Earth by Raymond Murray

Murray, Raymond C. (2011) Evidence from the Earth: Forensic Geology and Criminal Investigation (Amazon)

2nd Edition, published September, 2011


Cover of Geoforensics

Ruffell, Alastair and McKinley, Jennifer (2008) Geoforensics (Amazon)

Published October 21, 2008