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The Queen’s Partnership Project

Achieving the Partnership

How will it happen?
Achieving the Partnership

The themes identified in this framework provide an overarching direction for implementation of the Student Partnership going forward over the period 2018-2020.

There will be a high level Institutional Implementation Plan, based on proposals outlined in Appendices 1 and 2, which will focus on appropriate areas. Schools will be responsible for addressing pertinent themes/issues through targeted actions at a local level. This allows for an element of tailoring the themes to local needs and issues.

What next?
What can you, as students and staff, do next?
  • Schools can engage in discussions and collaborative working with students to identify those aspects of the themes, which are most applicable to the School and its students and the priorities within these for the School. A Guide for Schools on Student Partnership is avaialble to help with the initial launch of the Framework at a local level.
  • Schools and students can work together as partners to identify their own Partnership Projects - practical, workable improvement actions and solutions and translate these into specific implementation plans, which detail responsibilities, timelines and, critically, what outcomes are sought. This last will support assessment of the success of the improvements and of the partnership itself in the School.
What will the University and Union do to support you?

Project Template Form has been provided for Partnership Projects to allow you to easily record and report any plans undertaken in relation to our key themes. This template will also provide you with the opportunity to detail any outcomes achieved, as well as a chance to reflect on your Partnership Project. This will also allow us to better feedback the positive changes we are implementing, as well as sharing good practice across the University. Guidance for Completing the Project Template Form is also available. 

This will be an ongoing, evolving and dynamic process subject to review of effectiveness and changing needs and priorities.

The University’s Education Committee and Research and Postgraduate Committee will maintain oversight of the effectiveness and currency of the Partnership Framework. Management of improvement activities will be subject to scrutiny by Academic Board, with Schools defining their commitments to improvement actions in Semester one of the 2018/19 Academic Year and providing progress reports on their success before the end of the Academic Year.

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